Precise planning

enertec’s customer service already begins before the order placement with an on-site inspection and the creation of a preliminary – but always realistic – profitability calculation. Once all the initial questions have been clarified, the detailed planning begins with the collection of all relevant data and the precise technical design of the plant. As a next step, our development department draws up the final version of the plant and forwards the design to the production department.

Professional installation

The installation is usually completed within just a few days and ranges from the integration of the CHP module into the customer plant to the turnkey-finished heating centre including gas boiler, hot water tanks and control system for operating local heating networks in accordance with all applicable approval requirements. If requested, we can also perform the installation in collaboration with the local heating installer or, in the case of larger projects, in conjunction with large and competent general contractors.

All-inclusive service

After commissioning, you can rely on the maintenance and remote monitoring services provided by our factory service department – both during the warranty period and after its expiry, if requested. Our customers can choose between standard service packages and individual contracts, ranging from basic maintenance in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications to all-inclusive packages that include engine inspections according to specified schedules.

Companies that would like to carry out work themselves, such as changing the oil, can have their personnel instructed and trained by us.