The enertec CHP manufacturing company

enertec Kraftwerke GmbH is a medium-sized company and was founded by the current Managing Director, Mr Helmut Böttcher, in September 2004. The company initially began to develop and construct its own CHP plant with just 6 employees. Just one year later, the company site had already reached its maximum capacity so the decision was made to move the company to its current location in Mühlhausen.

The larger complex, on Treffurter Weg 11, provides sufficient possibilities to enable the company to grow steadily. In 2009, the existing building complex was extended with a new production hall and a test rig for all CHP modules. A service area was created that ensures the system monitoring via telephone or the Internet.

The number of employees has now risen to 38. The individual divisions, including Construction and Development, Material Management, Production and Assembly as well as Sales Management, work closely together.

In the spring of this year, the groundbreaking ceremony was held for an extension that will provide space for training and larger recreational facilities. It is also planned to start work this year on an extension for the production area.

With these new capabilities, the company will continue to be well prepared so that it can plan, construct and produce the appropriate energy technology for our customers.