Natural gas product range

We offer a wide range of natural gas-fired CHP modules with engines produced by MAN (EG MA series) or Toyota (EG TO series) including their main technical information.

Documents with comprehensive data can be downloaded under the respective product links or in the Downloads area.

TitleMotor type elec.therm.totalPower-to-heat ratio
et050 EG MAE0834 E 302Output50 kW79 kW148 kW0,630
Efficiency33,78 %53,60 %87,39 %
et70 EG MAe0836 E 302Output70 kW109 kW204 kW0,642
Efficiency34,31 %53,43 %87,75 %
et104 EG MA (50°C Gemischtemp.)E0836 LE302Output104 kW137 kW278 kW0,759
Efficiency37,41 %49,28 %86,69 %
et133 EG MAE2676 E302Output133 kW193 kW356 kW0,689
Efficiency37,36 %54,21 %91,57 %
et210 EG MA (50°C Gemischtemp.)E2676 LE202Output210 kW248 kW529 kW0,847
Efficiency39,70 %46,88 %86,58 %
et210 EG MA (50°C Gemischtemp.)
(250 NOx)
E2676 LE202Output210 kW263 kW553 kW0,798
Efficiency37,97 %47,56 %85,53 %
et210 EG MA
(80°C Gemischtemp.)
E2676 LE202Output210 kW298 kW559 kW0,705
Efficiency37,57 %53,31 %90,88 %
et263 EG MAE3262 E302Output263 kW375 kW694 kW0,701
Efficiency37,90 %54,03 %91,93 %
et355 EG MAE3268 LE212Output355 kW426 kW903 kW0,833
Efficiency39,31 %47,18 %86,49 %
et460 EG MA
(80°C Gemischtemp.)
E3262 LE202Output460 kW584 kW1174 kW0,788
Efficiency39,18 %49,74 %88,93 %
et518 EG MA (50°C Gemischtemp.) (250 NOx)E3262 LE202Output518 kW687 kW1367 kW0,754
Efficiency37,89 %50,26 %88,15 %
et530 EG MA (50°C Gemischtemp.)E3262 LE202Output530 kW648 kW1341 kW0,818
Efficiency39,52 %48,32 %87,84 %0,818